The official podcast of Bitcoin crashes. Hosted by Aaron Lammer & Jay Caspian Kang.

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    🧁 Artisanal Counterfeit $100s: The Reginald Fowler Story

    BTC rebounds to nearly 2x the Kang Line, FacebookCoin is the ultimate fiat on-ramp, Bitfinextetherpalooza, Crypto Capital's Reginald Fowler is the biggest crypto scammer of them all and got caught with counterfeit $100s to boot.

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    📚 Book Club: "Radical Markets" with David Z. Morris

    The CoinTalk book club returns for a discussion of Eric Posner and E. Glen Weyl's "Radical Markets" featuring David Z. Morris from BreakerMag who attended the Detroit conference organized around the book's ideas.

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    🏝 When Trolls Get Rekt

    Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre's BSV trolling gets them delisted from Binance and others. PewDiePie leaves Youtube for DLive (maybe?) Is all this increased BTC confidence a trap?

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    🧞‍♂️Crypto Shaman w/ Marty Bent

    Marty Bent from Tales from the Crypt comes on to talk about price signals, the amorality of Bitcoin, self-driving cars that use electricity as their currency, Jack Dorsey's bullishness and the future of the Cash app....

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    🤖 Marktoshi Zuckermoto

    Lightning tipping, Tether changes its TOS to include that it doesn't actually have the money, the bull case for Facebucks, Bitconnect and the Christchurch shooting.

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    ✉️ Hacking Team Wants To Connect On Linked-In!

    Coinbase hires literal villains to run their shitcoin spy-ops, we read Brian Armstrong's Medium posts, discuss whether you can get a button with BTC in Vegas, and Cryptopia returns.

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